Teen dating does he like me

You know, the guy you really want to have stick around through good stuff and bad stuff and .

Find out if your guy is a keeper with this fun quiz!

Examining Your Feelings Analyzing the Relationship Handling the Relationship Maturely Community Q&A Young love is a beautiful thing.

Feeling like you’re in love, especially if it’s the first time, can be both exhilarating and scary. Your feelings may be so new that you aren’t sure if they are true.

She might stare at you throughout English class then ignore you in the hallway.

Maybe you've got a sneaking suspicion that your best friend has the hots for you. Here are a few signs that he or she is probably into you.

Like a moth to a flame, he won't be able to avoid staring at you.If she does these sorts of things, she's probably into you big time.Two weeks ago you mentioned that you've always wanted to learn how to sail, and he brings it up when you're chatting.“They’ll tell their best friend, ‘Hey, she really likes you, I can tell. No problem -- there are plenty of other people out there who would love to talk to you!You should do something about it.’ But when it’s about you, all your insecurities come to the surface.” If your friends say "no, that person is not into you," (or "that person is bad news"), listen to them, even though it's not what you want to hear. When the person you like is with you, they should feel important to you -- and you both should be feeling good.

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